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    usability test audience

    Hello Ubuntu community,

    I need some help writing a usability test for my tech writing course. I've decided to write it for Ubuntu (I think I've come to the right place). The general idea of the assignment is to design tasks to be performed using Ubuntu, create an evaluation criteria, and then write a 'white paper' evaluation form.

    I'm having difficulty choosing anintended user. Based on this page , Ubuntu is for Business, developers, china and YOU! I was hoping to write my usability test for a user with less technical skills. For example, lets say someone's grandchild installs Ubuntu on their computer and they are still using their landline and not a cellphone (i.e. does not have a high level of technical skills). Would the user in my example be an inappropriate audience for an Ubuntu usability test because they are just not who Ubuntu is made for?

    I would really appreciate any feedback on this.
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