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Thread: Postfix and Dovecot Uninstall

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    Question Postfix and Dovecot Uninstall

    Hi All,

    Yesterday I tried following a bad guide on how to set up Postfix and Dovecot, in the end it seemed best to me to just uninstall and start over. So I just apt-get purged everything I installed.

    Now I have found some great documentation on Postfix + Courier and I would like to start from a clean sheet.

    So I started to look around for stuff that might have survived the purge.

    /etc/passwd returns a user mail with group mail with an id of 8.
    Is this user there on a clean Install or is that something that can be removed.

    I already removed /var/mail as I thought it was something from Dovecot but I see now the user mail has /var/mail as a home dir. Should I recreate the homedir? If so, to what should it be chowned an chmodded?

    Another option is a complete reinstall but ofcourse I would prefer not to.
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    Re: Postfix and Dovecot Uninstall

    You've already removed everything that needs removal. Don't touch the /etc/passwd (or /etc/group) file, and restore /var/mail. It has unusual permissions, too:

    cd /var
    sudo mkdir mail
    sudo chown root.mail mail
    sudo chmod u+rwx,g+rws,o+rx mail
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    Re: Postfix and Dovecot Uninstall

    Eek! Yeah never go and delete random directories.

    Just use
    sudo apt-get remove postfix


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