Hi, my name's Joel. I recently acquired an old Toshiba Satellite laptop that I plan to give to technologically-inept father. =P I put a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 on it and it works perfectly except for one small, but problematic issue. My shift keys don't work. Which, as I've seen today while rummaging through forums and what-not, is a fairly common problem with these laptops and difficult to fix. So my plan was to just reformat my Caps Lock button to do all the functions of the Left Shift. But I've spent literally hours in forums about "xmodmap" attempting to fix the problem with no success. I was just wondering if anybody could help me with this. I myself am not too new to Ubuntu, but I'm not a genius. I've had it since 10.10 came out, so I'm capable, but please, attempt to dumb it down for me. I'm a high school student so, I'll get back to you whenever I'm not in school. Apologies for the long-winded post. Just really want this figured out. Thank you much =)

P.S. Getting a new laptop's not an option and I understand there are posts like this, but I've tried them to no avail.