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Thread: Quake Live plugin problem with Firefox 4

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    Talking Quake Live plugin problem with Firefox 4

    Hi all,

    As all of you know that Firefox 4 final was released yesterday. That is a brilliant version of Firefox with a small problem: Quake Live linux plugin compability...

    Short after the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla Team announced Firefox 4 Stable PPA.

    However, when I tried to login with Firefox 4, the site directs me to the plugin installation screen and at the end of the process Firefox 4 fails to install the plugin...

    After my short research I found the easiest fix in Quake Live forums:

    Quake Live plugin fix for Firefox 4:

    • Login Quake Live with Firefox 4.
    • Accept the license agreement.
    • Ignore the plugin installation; right click the "click here" text and save as the plugin into your desktop.
    • Close Firefox.
    • Open the .xpi file with File Roller and reach plugins folder.
    • Drag and drop the suitable .so file for your operating system to the ~/.mozilla/plugins folder. (If there is no plugins folder; create it) (i386 for 32 bit, x64 for 64 bit)

    That's all... Now you can enter the game without a plugin issue... The plugin that has issue with Firefox 4 is "QuakeLivePlugin_433.xpi". I hope they will update it soon...

    Have fun...

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    Re: Quake Live plugin problem with Firefox 4

    oops sorry,

    same method.

    Quakelive as of now does not support firefox 4 which seems to be the issue.But yes this method is easiest and works fine.
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