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    Using Ubuntu 10.04 with the Ubuntu drivers for my Radeon based video card (not the ATI/ Catalist proprietary driver), I needed a software applet (for a desktop system, not a laptop) to adjust the monitor brightness, contrast, gamma. I know about xgamma, but also need brightness and contrast. Gnome used to have an applet that is no longer in the repositories so I installed the KDE graphics package and Kgamma which is supposed to have this capability. Kgamma shows up as installed in Synaptic along with all its dependencies but does not show up on any of the menus and does not start with a terminal command- kgamma.

    Does anyone know why this is- every other kde graphic applets do show up on the menus?

    Is there another application I could use to control the output of the video card? I looked in Compiz and could not find any adjustments like this that work.

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    How to install and Working Kgamma on Kubuntu 12.04

    I follow these instructions:

    First I Install:


    I gave then right clicked on the desktop, and then run order, and a search box appears, put there "Kgamma" and appears "Gamma", I gave click and a window which says: "Gamma control module KDE" and there are all options to adjust the brightness of the monitor. I served to adjust the brightness of an external monitor (I have a Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop) brand VA1931wa-LED Viewsonic model, and worked perfectly on Kubuntu 12.04. I lowered the brightness it was too much and there was as fit (what if you could do in Windows 7 with Intel GM45 Express Chipset driver Family), so I do not burn the eyes at night.


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