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I am using the latest version of Firefox and I am having some issues with font display (specifically with Roboform) being distorted. I think this may be related to add ons I have installed but even after uninstalling font related add ons I get the same problem.
What I would like to do is uninstall Firefox and have a clean install with no add ons, changes to default Firefox settings, etc. When I uninstall through Software center and reinstall I get the same Firefox with all my add ons pre-installed. I know you posted some directions on fresh Firefox install but it appears to be for 32 bit, can you tell me how to reinstall a fresh copy of Firefox 64 bit?

Thanks in advance
Did you remove your profile after you uninstalled FF? Use Nautilus or Thunar and go to your home user directory and make sure that "Hidden Files" is checked. Go down the list and fine ".mozilla", note that there is a period in front of "mozilla". The easiest thing is to rename this file to something like ".mozillaX", you can delete it too if you are brave.