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Thread: Ubuntu Hates Me!

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    Ubuntu Hates Me!

    I've been trying to get 10.10 to operate like 9.10/10.04 did but not having much luck.

    First Firefox didn't perform like it did in the last version with the same add ons installed. Then I had problems with the system clock changing 4 hours every time I booted ubuntu and went back to Windowz. BTW, this is a multi-boot system with Windows XP and Windows 7 on different drives. ubuntu also has it's own drive and I select the boot drive in BIOS when I want to switch. NO, I DON'T WANT GRUB ON MY OTHER SYSTEMS so I install ubuntu with no other drives connected. I also don't ever do any updates with those other drives connected. Learned about this from ubuntu 9.04!

    Anyway, I had a hard time with my Asus N13 USB wireless adapter so I did yet another clean install (3rd in two days) and found that the wireless adapter worked the 3rd time before any updates were installed. Then I tried yet again to change the time to NPT and after those files were downloaded and installed my wireless adapter is no longer recognized by ubuntu? NO LED, NO NOTHING!

    So here I sit with yet another major hurdle seemingly caused by a simple package update from the ubuntu server installing stuff so my I could keep my system time correct for my Windows systems. Don't know if this is a "bug" or not but it certainly is something that has created problems for me!

    So now I'm in the middle of yet another clean install after which I'll just move my time zone in ubuntu to make the system clock stay correct for my other OSs.

    Looks like the NPT update wasn't the culprit. Did another clean install and configured my wireless connection again and it worked. Shut down and rebooted and that connection is gone again so it's something thats happening between the initial reboot after the install and the second reboot after that. Anyway I'm going to connect the LAN cable back up to it and do updates to see if the wireless connection will come back.
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