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Thread: Burning from Live CD?

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    Burning from Live CD?

    Possibly a daft question, but is it in any way possible to burn an ISO to a CD while logged into a Live CD session? The issue is I'm logged in on an old 7.10 Live CD and would like to burn a 10.10 CD to do a reinstall after my hard drive broke. I realize of course the system runs from the 7.10 CD, but if it's possible to keep the system running from memory while burning or something... yeah that'd be helpful.

    There are no disc burning tools in the Applications menu, but wodim appears to be available at least, so if there's a way I would seem to have a tool to do the actual burning anyway.

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    Re: Burning from Live CD?

    what you can do in a live session is download ubuntu iso and prepare a usb stick and make a bootable stick system> administration> startup disk creator.

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