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Thread: Samsung SCX-4833FD Drivers - LAN

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    Exclamation Samsung SCX-4833FD Drivers - LAN

    Hi everyone, this is my 1st post and I hope it's the right place.

    I'm trying to make the Samsung SCX-4833FD Printer works correctly under ubuntu 10.04 64-bit with a LAN connection.

    I've installed manually the original drivers that i've found here:

    After that everything seems to works great (at least the print job works, eheh ) but not the scanner!

    Also the SmartPanel tell me that there's no connected scanner

    I haven't find a solution.
    I've read some posts that talk about this problem for different model, but none for that model and in any case only if connected via USB.

    There's someone that could help me, please?


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    Re: Samsung SCX-4833FD Drivers - LAN

    The information you need is contained in the
    HOWTO Install Samsung Unified Printer Driver thread by tweedledee.

    If it helps I think you will find it difficult to get your scanner working properley in 10.04, but upgrading to 10.10 (or 11.04 when it is ready next month should work okay).
    I had similar problems with a scx4500w, but I used the instructions provided by tweedledee and I can now use the scanner in 10.10 (and 11.04) but not in 10.04.

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    Re: Samsung SCX-4833FD Drivers - LAN

    Hi yahs, thank you for the answer.
    I'll try to understand the HOW TO and asap i'll report if it works also for me.

    If you sucessfully installed the scanner part of a samsung printer in ubuntu 10.10 maybe it only requires an updated package in 10.04.

    Let me try.

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