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Thread: Intel 3945ABG didn't work on Lucid Lynx

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    Intel 3945ABG didn't work on Lucid Lynx

    After installing Lucid Lynx on my computer (Sony Vaio FE660G) I found out the wifi wasn't working. The Network Manager didn't show up in the task panel and I didn't know what to do. I googled my problem but didn't find a unique and easy answer. I solved it the following way:

    I installed the WICD manager, which apparently is a much more reliable manager:

    $ sudo aptitude install wicd

    After doing this wicd was recognizing my wifi but I couldn't make it work since there was an error with the password (it said "incorrect password" even though I typed it correctly several times)

    Although I had read in many posts that the wicd installation removes the network manager, I tried removing it myself (out of my desperation) and finally it worked after restarting the computer.

    $ sudo apt-get purge network-manager network-manager-gnome

    I hope it helps someone.
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