This is a long one but please bear with me as I'd really like your help, if you can.

I've just got my grubby little mitts on a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, which I'm very happy about. I've managed to get Ubuntu to recognise it, but now I'm having problems which mean I can't use it.

You see, I'm left-handed, and accordingly have my mouse settings in Ubuntu set to left-handed, which is great and works really well for me. Not so much for the Wacom Bamboo, which is still behaving like a right-handed mouse.

For example, when I touch the tablet with the pen, instead of clicking or drawing or whatever it's supposed to do, it behaves as if I have clicked my 'alternative' button; usually by bringing up what you righties would think of as your right-click menu.

The other problem is that if I want to use the buttons on the tablet, I have to have it 'upside down' in order to click them with my right hand. This of course means that anything I do manage to do with the tablet is upside down.

This is, understandably, very frustrating. I've searched good old Google and have found nothing useful so far. I found this thread but I must be missing something. When I put those commands into the terminal it tells me:

Error (2): WacomConfigOpenDevice: No such device
Set: Failed to open device 'stylus'
If anyone can tell me firstly how to make my Wacom tablet behave left-handedly upon touch of the stylus, and secondly how to rotate it so that it will work 'upside down' I would be eternally grateful.

P.S. Less important than getting the thing working, but still kind of important; how do I get it to recognise my fingers as touching it? It is supposed to be a Pen and TOUCH after all...