Well, I haven't learned a whole lot in Ubuntu. I'm in the Ada area and just built a machine to teach myself how to setup a network and teach myself some stuff on that and teach myself security. If anyone has any pointers to get me started, I'd appreciate it.

Also, here's my main reason for posting: I installed Starcraft II on my Ubuntu box and I have 3 users on it. There's myself, brother in law, and wife. My wife won't be playing it My brother in law will be. On his account, we can't access the file directory in Wine due to it being in my C: in Wine.

I wanted to install it on his, but when I try, we get a permission denied at a certain point, then when I switch to my account, I see that a drive could not be mounted.

I'd really like to get him setup to where he can login and play with his Ubuntu account (separate from Battle.net acct).

Thank you in advance