I have Nautilus-Elementary so I no longer have the little drop down menu above my sidepane which allows me to choose the sidepane view style.
Fortunately, I'm good with google and I've broke gconf enough times to use it wisely.

So, now I can still change the view but it requires me to gconf it every time and considering the Places sidepane is pretty essential (to me at least) I need to switch far too often for it to be simple to use gconf. But also, the Information (preview) sidepane is as important to me.

What I want (instead of having to constantly break my workflow/browsing fluidity) Is for the Places sidepane to be on the left as usual and the Information sidepane to still be visible but on the right. Similar to windows and some of the other file browsers.

Is this possible? Any help at all?
I have meticulously searched but unfortunately the (F3) dual pane feature keeps blocking any investigation as it takes up all the results.
I have already completely customised my nautilus, so I'm not afraid of code.