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Thread: 11.04: Moving the menus back

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    11.04: Moving the menus back

    I have already permanently crippled Unity. I cannot use that. Docks are for boats.
    I should note Unity cripples itself quite easily on my system -- it decided to just not start up the first few times.

    Short order, I would really like to put my menu bar back where it was. Back on the window. Where it belongs.
    The problem is that I can't find anything in the compiz settings, nor appearances, nor...anywhere, really.

    I don't like change.

    I tried googling the hell out of this problem. All I come up with is people talking about the change to the menu and how they alternately like and loathe it.

    I assume the fix that moves the menus back to the windows will also put Places and Settings back up top as well.

    Many thanks!

    Ubuntu, 11.04, x64, AMD 1055T, Radeon 5750... I doubt it matters.
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    Re: 11.04: Moving the menus back

    11.04 is in development.

    Use the development forum.
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    Re: 11.04: Moving the menus back

    Hardly seems on the same level as the problems in there, but I'll give it a shot.

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