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Thread: Network Manager freezes, and will not disconnect

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    Network Manager freezes, and will not disconnect

    The problem is, when the WiFi signal is lost, Network Manager freezes and I can't disconnect, and I can't do anything with it.
    So to disconnect, I have to log out, and log back in (a huge nag when I'm working on something)
    Is there any way to force it to disconnect? Maybe a way to kill the Network Manager, and then start it up again?

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    Re: Network Manager freezes, and will not disconnect

    Closing Update-Manager in the middle of an update/upgrade or losing the connectivity is dangerous and your system might become unstable or might even not boot successfully.

    For killing any process, you can press Alt + F2, and type

    Then left click the window which is un-responsive.

    But remember once again, it is dangerous and not recommended at all.

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