Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any success streaming RTP audio through wifi...

I am in process of building a whole house music setup which consists of a server running a combination of mpd, pulseaudio, and vlc to broadcast RTP to at least three clients.

My server is on a 150mb wireless-n connection and the clients all still are running wireless-g... in testing I've had great success streaming a high quality mp3 stream as long as all the clients are wired, yet have very poor results from any over air attempts.

My question is, should I invest in wireless-n adapters for my clients? or is the nature of RTP such that the latency involved in any form of wireless networking will have it so that I'm better off hardwiring the house? Both options will end up being about the same amount of money... but wireless would prove much more convenient if it is feasible. Thanks in advance.