I have a 250 GB HDD already running windows XP (~50 GB) and Ubuntu 8.04 (~50 GB) on my desktop along with 3 other NTFS partitions (~50 GB, ~48 GB and ~48 GB) and a 2GB swap. I'm planning to format the 8.04 partition and install 10.04.2 in it.

When I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.04.2 the installer is not detecting any of my existing partitions. The funny part is that from the Ubuntu 10.04 desktop launched from the live CD when I select gparted it shows all my existing partitions, also I am able to mount these drives as well. However it does not detect my partitions when I start installing.

Could anyone let me know how I can fix this without having to lose any of my existing partitions. Do let me know in case you require any additional information on this from my side