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Thread: grub menu has names of 2 partitions switched

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    grub menu has names of 2 partitions switched

    I installed kubuntu into its own partitions on my laptop drive which already had a windows recovery partition and a windows partition. Everything runs correctly except that the grub menu has mislabelled the 2 windows partitions.

    It has my main windows partition labeled as the recovery partition, and my recovery partition is labelled as the main windows partition.

    From what I can tell, it's getting this info from probing the available OS info? How can I fix this? When I checked the 30_os_prober file, it just has code to get the "LONGNAME" automatically, instead of a way for me to specify the names.

    I also looked at getting "Grub Customizer" but when I try to install it, it says it requires a bunch of other files, and then it says it is impossible to install those other files.

    Sooooo... If anyone can point out how I can update my menu the right way, since I know I'm not supposed to edit the grub.cfg file directly. (can I though, if I make a backup of it?)


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    Re: grub menu has names of 2 partitions switched

    If you update the grub.cfg file when you do
    all your changes will be overwritten. You can instead update the files in grub.cfg.d which will take effect by doing
    sudo update-grub
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    Re: grub menu has names of 2 partitions switched

    In addition, any time you do a routine Ubuntu update that replaces the kernel version, GRUB.CFG then gets overwritten -- again. So, making a backup is not really a good idea.
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    Re: grub menu has names of 2 partitions switched

    drs305 long ago posted a way, but for most he recommends the grub customizer.

    HOWTO: Grub Customizer

    drs305 wrote a Grub 2 Tweaks guide but it's pretty geeky stuff. If you are interested in editing the Grub2 scripts to rename a title, see Section 7 of the "Tweaks" link
    includes line to limit display to two
    Grub 2 Title Tweaks Thread -drs305
    Grub 2 Title Tweaks-drs305

    Copy entries to 40_custom from grub.cfg and edit.
    Vista names reversed in grub2 menu
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