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Thread: New thread! AR Loco Revitalization!

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    Lightbulb Re: Vista GONE. [WAS: New thread! AR Loco Revitalization!]

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo48 View Post
    I installed Ubuntu 12.04 and it ATE my old Windows Vista OS.
    Howdy -- the Arkansas LoCo forum is not the forum to get QUICK responses -- there are a couple here where you will probably hear back within minutes. Look at the top of the page and click the topmost Forums link. I would choose either Installation & Upgrades or General Help.

    HOWEVER here is my advice, for what it's worth. I don't know Vista from a hole in the ground, having almost never used it. (I've hardly used Windows since the 1980s.) HOWEVER here are some hints --

    1) Try to remember exactly what you did. Did you choose the option in the installer that said format and replace everything on your hard drive, including Vista, with Ubuntu? If you did, then that's exactly what happened. Ubuntu would have given you a couple of opportunities to change your mind first, and it's NOT the default, so you probably didn't.

    2) Use the forum search and/or Google to see if someone else has had a similar problem. They probably have! Assuming Vista is still on your hard drive (you can use a disk utility in Ubuntu, even when booting off of the CD, to see the partitions) then the "bootloader" just had a hiccup and you can get back to Vista with a couple of commands.

    Good luck and be sure to check back here when you know more. I just edited the title ... [EDIT... I thought that would create a new topic for you, but apparently not??? Feel free to create a new thread.]

    P.S.: There are some other folks in your part of the state who use Ubuntu, so you may have some places you can go for local support.
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