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Thread: Need help with choosing a backup solution

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    Need help with choosing a backup solution

    Hi all,
    I need help choosing a backup solution for a server amongst all the tools that I read about recently (rsnapshot,amanda,clonezilla,rsync,dd,duplicity,ba cula...).

    The setup:
    [1] one disk (a RAID actually) with the live system (ubuntu server 10.0.4) running on it.
    [2] another disk mounted to /media/backup on that same system

    The requirements:
    -be able to create compressed backups of [1] to [2] while [1] is running.
    -be able to recover individual files/directories from [2]'s backups to [1] while [1] is running.
    -ideally be able to look at the files on [2] before restoring them to [1].
    -be able to restore completely [1] from one of [2]'s backups.

    Any input is welcome

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    Re: Need help with choosing a backup solution


    Rsync is your friend, but it doesn't do compression.

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