Hi all,

Let me tell you my situation first: I have a laptop with 64b Kubuntu and a desktop at home with 32b Kubuntu. At work, I maintain 2 64b Ubuntu servers and a lab with 32b Ubuntu desktops.
So I end up downloading 4 CDs, all with Ubuntu on it, but just a bit different here and there.

Would it not be nice to have one DVD? In grub you can pick 32b and 64b and afterwards you just get the choice on what to install: Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Server edition. If communities of other variants are also very active (don't follow them that intensively myself) and want to contribute, why not adding Xubuntu, Edubuntu etc?

In fact, if one uses an installation from the net (like most users with decent Internet access do nowadays I assume), it could all fit on one CD!

I know, one does not need the CD for every upgrade so it is not every 6 months the case, but then again... PCs fail and so in the lab I need one rather often, and a clean install now and again is also good practice in my opinion.

What do you think? Would it not be feasible and nice to have one CD or DVD to rule them all?