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Thread: Can't Stream with VLC

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    Can't Stream with VLC

    I've recently been attempting to stream music from my home computer to work using VLC's built-in streaming capabilities. I've been less than successful. I've followed several tutorials online and played with both the GUI and CLI for setting up streaming and have never been able to connect to stream. The last guide I followed (to a tee, mind you) was this one I can't connect to the stream locally let alone via the Internet. I've forwarded the proper ports, I've followed every instruction and guide I can find, I've read the log (useless for this purpose, just says "can't connect") but I just haven't had any luck. Anyone with experience in this able to provide a helping hand?

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    Re: Can't Stream with VLC

    If your computer at work is running Windows, you may need to open the firewall that machine is running.


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