I currently have Windows 7 installed, and got a old laptop hard drive I was able to throw into my computer and decided I wanted to throw a Linux distro on it to play with.
But I have been unsuccessful so far.
I first downloaded the windows installer. But it never starts. Even in compatibility mode and with administrator rights.
With that not working, I got the iso, which I first tried on a USB flash drive then burned to a DVD. But they both end with the same issue.
Once the installer had loaded and I get to the screen where it asks for the language and to start things off, I can move the mouse around. But clicking on anything has no effect what so ever.
I even gave it a wait, to see if it was just still loading. Nothing.
Finally I gave my BIOS an sorely needed update. But no luck.

Ohh also I've even moved my mouse to different USB ports and unplugged any other devices that aren't required.

Does anyone have any idea what could be my issue?