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Thread: Problem with commercial skip

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    Problem with commercial skip

    I'm having a weird problem with skipping commercials. I do not have it set to auto skip. I just wait for the commercial then manually hit the skip button. Sometimes when I do this it will skip over the next segment of the show and next commercial break. For example, say you have segment 1, commercial break 1, segment 2, commercial 2, segment 3. Sometimes when I hit skip on commercial break 1 it will skip to segment 3.

    If I just fast forward through the commercials, say at 10x, I notice on the breaks with the problem the commercials speed up. The screen still says 10x but they move like 100x. Even if I slow down to 5x I see this speed up.

    When the commercial skips works I do not have this speed up problem. It makes me think something is wrong with the file. I haven't tried watching the commercial breaks on the problem files, I just thought of that now. Have to wonder if they play normal or skip by fast.

    I unmounted the drive and ran fsck, no problems found. So I'm not sure if the commercial skip job is messing with the file. Wondering if anyone else has seen this and what the problem might be.

    I'm running mythbuntu 10.10 with mythtv 0.24 fixes. I had strict commercial flagging on which I've recently turned off but haven't checked any of those files yet. Problem is, it doesn't happen all the time. I'm also using all methods of detection.

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    Re: Problem with commercial skip

    I have noticed this as well, only happens randomly though......

    I have to admit that I rarely use this feature, because I live in the UK and commflagging is not very reliable.

    I was watching a recording last night and I appeared to have random skip forwards not near any commercial breaks, but as I say, (I don't have time to check just now,) the breaks aren't marked very well here.


    Ubuntu 10.10 mythtv 23.1 fixes.
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    Re: Problem with commercial skip

    I forgot to add that when I manually perform the commercial skip, the osd will show it only skipped 3 or 4 minutes but in fact it may have skipped forward about 10 or 15 minutes.

    I checked one show that recorded with strict detection turned off. It skipped normal, but like I said, it does not do this for all recordings.


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