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Thread: Installing Maverick 10.10 in laptop Gateway NV55C03u

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    Unhappy Installing Maverick 10.10 in laptop Gateway NV55C03u


    Recently I purchased a Gateway laptop with model NV55C03u. I decided to install Maverick for establish my work environment. The installation process was very well, but when I restart for first time (and more) it don't lift the graphic interface. The OS starts like debian showing the processes trace and at a while it ask me for the user and password, but no graphic interface.

    I try to start the graphic interface using the command "startx" but the display turns in black like if it was trying to lift the graphic interface, but the reality is that nothing happen.

    I'll be grateful for any comments

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    Re: Installing Maverick 10.10 in laptop Gateway NV55C03u

    HI I am not replying to solve your problem just to add weight to the argument.. I tried a new clean installation of 10.10 on an AMD 2.1 GHz 1 gig mem system and after what looked like a successfull instalation, upon reboot it hangs up like crap.

    My mouse cursor becomes a square block of wht looks like random pixels, it runs very slow and jumpy. So if anyone else is having problems with a clean install this is where its at. I installed from a CD disk image.


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    Re: Installing Maverick 10.10 in laptop Gateway NV55C03u

    Installed Kubuntu on my NV55C38u without a hitch.....well not totally without a hitch. Only have sound coming out the left speaker. No biggy since I rarely use those things anyways.

    Tweaked it a bit and compiled the kernel. Pretty responsive OS/machine. To bad the processor doesn't support virtualization

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