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Thread: How to uninstall software via ssh on debian 5

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    How to uninstall software via ssh on debian 5

    Well, I'm new here, I joined about 2 weeks ago because I was going to get an ubuntu 10.04 64 bit vps, but I had troubles installing a hosting panel so I changed to debian lenny and installed ehcp

    and it's working fine,but I have a problem which you could help me with because ubuntu is based on debian and it's not a big problem to solve.

    I bought a vps from micohosting and everything is working fine, the vps is still clean, no bandwidth is being used, no cpu and no disk space....However I 472mb of ram which is 90% of what I'm allowed to use...It's my bad because I have installed every feature of ehcp....I didn't though that it's gonna use that much lol...

    Now I wanna uninstall some feature, like ffmpeg...So how to do so via ssh or via cpanel? and what feature use the most ram? what do you advise me to uninstall? my site will be some kind of video hosting site...kind I need to install flash player guys...but first I wanna uninstall some stuff...

    This vps is gonna be used for the demo so later on I'm gonna buy nobody will be using disk space coz it's a demo and I can control what is being uploaded

    one more thing an admin, I created reseller accounts, does that use ram? I don'r think so coz nothing is being uploaded to the site yet....just wanna know what you think

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    Re: How to uninstall software via ssh on debian 5

    I might need ffmpeg lol so don't wanna remove it

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