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Thread: Installation mistake- Help

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    Installation mistake- Help

    Hey, its my first time using ubuntu, i was too excited to try it out by mistake during the installation i press "Use the entire disk" and didnt make partition. i had window xp installed already. so now when i start up my pc ubuntu starts up but is there a way i can switch to my window xp or is XP delete?

    Please and thank you for your help

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    Re: Installation mistake- Help

    I think you've lost XP if you used the entire disk.

    "Entire disk" means exactly what it says, I'm afraid; a disk is a disk, not a partition as M$ would sometimes have us believe, with their C and D disks etc etc.

    You may get something back with testdisk, but I hope you have backups of important data, as much of it could be lost.
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