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Thread: Engenius ECB-3220 & 9.10

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    Engenius ECB-3500 & 9.10

    I have a boat that I'm trying to hook up with wi-fi from the marina. The gear I have is a "Rootenna", Engenius ECB-3500 bridge/access point with 12v PoE, and a HP slimline with AMD64. The output of the ECB-3500 is through a straight ethernet cable.

    Here's where I've gotten to: I go into System>Preferences>Network Connections and set eth0> IPv4 Settings>Method>Manual>Add: Address, Netmask, Gateway

    Then in the URL space of FireFox I enter and get the Engenius gui. I can make adjustments of settings such that I can "see" the surrounding signals.

    When I go back to the computer and reset it to DHCP the Networking icon in the panel indicates I'm connected. It shows the signals around the my location. But I can't get out to the net.

    I am not conversant with the command line. Your help please. Thank you, Doug
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