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Thread: please help "at" command

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    please help "at" command

    hello , ive been trying the "at" command for the last couple of days , according to an ubuntu book i got is like a must know command for any admin.

    so basically i just want to run the at command in a script.
    but before i do that i need to know how to use it.
    as far as i know i need to fix the permissions first in the allow and deny conf files.
    in the deny file i deleted bin and the username
    then i simply do the following (just a test btw)

    sudo at now + 1 minutes

    i wait for the minute and nothing happens
    im logging tru ssh to my ubuntu computer.
    now: my goal is to launch a program after a few minutes the system started.
    because if i put the program in the start up programs list for any reason it launches but doesnt work.
    what am i missing?
    any help deeply appreciated.

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    Re: please help "at" command

    The "at" command seems overkill for just delaying a job for a minute. Why not write a script like:

    sleep 60
    exec someCommand

    If you do use "at", then understand that it's going to run any commands in a new (background) shell, not the current shell. Nor will it automatically pop up an Xterm or anything like that.

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    Re: please help "at" command

    thank you ill try that, well,
    ok, i was specting to see something to pop up
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