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Thread: Bluetooth keyboard/mouse at startup

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    Bluetooth keyboard/mouse at startup


    I have a MS bluethooth keyboard/mouse, and a USB bluetooth dongle

    In 10.1 I can add both with no problems - but I have to explicitly tell ubuntu to connect to the devices at each machine reboot, which means plugging in a wired mouse first

    Does anyone know how I can set the machine to connect automatically at every startup to both my keyboard and my mouse? I found a set of instructions here:

    But it is from 2007 and I'm not sure its still correct?



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    Re: Bluetooth keyboard/mouse at startup

    I've just got my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 5000 ver1.0 working on bootup. It may work for you.

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    Re: Bluetooth keyboard/mouse at startup

    I have the Microsoft Bluetooth Elite Keyboard & Mouse setup.

    When I installed it, I setup the keyboard and mouse just fine - but after a reboot, it wouldn't work.

    So, I added this to my startup applications:

    sleep 10
    hcitool scan

    I put that in a bash sh file then added it to the startup applications. I do have to wait a good 10 seconds to load it - then after it is done, I have to start moving the mouse & hitting keys on the keyboard. After a few seconds, they will engage.

    Brian S.


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