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Thread: Cloud help: for beginer

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    Cloud help: for beginer

    hi.. im new here..

    Can any1 tell me how to work on ubuntu10.10 cloud? I just downloaded and installed it in my system.

    I just want to execute my jsp files( which are now running on apache tomcat-local server) in the cloud. Its for my project purpose.

    Do i need internet connection for test run? Which instance to install and where should i upload my jsp files in my system to run it.

    Pls help me..

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    Re: Cloud help: for beginer

    Just try this tutorial

    But you should know that it's not easy to setup UEC on one computer.

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    Re: Cloud help: for beginer

    Here are some high level instructions:

    - launch your first ubuntu server on your cloud
    - SSH into the server
    - Install java/tomcat ... whatever you need
    - Run your app (not too different from a normal ubuntu server btw)

    If you think you'll get some automatic benefits by running on a "cloud" you probably are misinformed

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