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Thread: Pinball project for linux.

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    Pinball project for linux.

    I am a keen user of Visual pinball. Unfortunately this means I have to continue to use Win XP.
    I am trying hard to become a full time user of Ubuntu, but there are certain softwares that continually draw me back to Windows.

    The source code for Visualpinball has now been made open source.
    There are 33,000 registered VP members on a VForum that is only 2 years old.This demonstrates the interest.

    Is it possible to port the code into Linux?
    Surely this would be a boon for Ubuntu?
    Please dont point me to Emilia Pinball, I am aware of it already.

    I would love to see a linux pinball emulator that is the absolute superior pinball emulator available. Not been a coder myself, how would I get such a project off the ground?
    The users build the actualtables and distribute them. VP is just the player and desiging platform only.

    Check out this video sample of what I am talking about...
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