Hi Guys

Im having a bit of a peculiar problem. So I just ran an update this morning, following which I restarted the machine.

Whenever I insert a DVD into the drive, usually, the icon would pop up on the desktop and the volume would get loaded.

It isn't happening anymore, no matter what DVD I insert. So I went to /media directory and I see the DVD there, so I'm able to open it. But it doesn't show all the files, and only for certain discs am I able to right click there and eject. If I eject pressing the button on the drive, the disc ejects, but in the /media directory, I still see it displayed, even after refreshing. At this point, when I load a new DVD into the drive, it doesn't update it in the /media folder, and still displays the previous DVD.

Please help. I am running Ubuntu 10.10 and it's been running flawlessly on my system so far for the last few months. Just from this morning that this issue has been harassing me.