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Thread: 3D Design

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    3D Design

    Hi !!!
    I need some software recommendation for 3D Design in Ubuntu!
    I am worked in windows with Adobe After effects, 3D Max, Maya, Vue7...

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    Re: 3D Design

    Your Maya License (assuming you have one) should be good for the Linux version as well.
    Softimage and Houdini also have native linux clients.

    If your budget doesn't stretch that far then there is Realsoft3d, Blender and Wings3d.

    As far as the video end of things goes. If you have the $$$ then there is Nuke or Houdini for compositing. Blender also includes a compositor and video editor. KDEnlive seems to be the current pick of the free video editors.

    If you are into sculpting there is Mudbox, 3DCoat, Blender native and ZBrush apparently can be made to run under wine.

    For texturing there is Mari($$$), Blender (3D paint), the Gimp, Krita, MyPaint running natively and Photoshop running under wine.

    Almost all descent 3D render engines have Linux clients.

    Currently my main workflow (game) is based around Wings3d and Mypaint and I suggest looking at these no matter what other options you take


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