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Thread: Ubuntu 10.04 not stable when activationg wireless

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    Ubuntu 10.04 not stable when activating wireless


    I've got a fairly new Dell Vostro Notebook 3500 with intel core i5 processor, 6 gigs of Ram and the DW1501 Wireless-N WLAN Half-mini networkcard v 2.11.
    I've just set up a dual boot with Ubuntu 10.04 (64 bit) and win7. After going through some hassle getting ubuntu to boot i got things running by activating the Broadcom STA Wireless driver v802.11.

    The problem is that after surfing around a bit and trying to download some applications Ubuntu suddenly turns itself off (I get the same display as if I would have issued a shutdown myself). After I power the machine Ubuntu wont boot until I turn the Wireless off on my machine. If I turn wireless on it works a while and then shuts down etc.

    Could anyone help with this weird issue please? Are there any logs that can tell me why Ubuntu decides to shutdown?

    EDIT: After the latest upgrade I can't get my wired connection to work either, wireless worked for a while but crashed again. Are there any diagnostic tools/scripts I can use to see why my network connection is so unstable? Seems like the driver needs some work?

    EDIT: The networkcard broke!! I've installed a new one and my wired connection works again, however my wireless acts the same way as before. This thread has been open for about a week and no responses, not sure what to do, suppose I have to move back to windows...

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