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Thread: Problem with Graphics Driver

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    Exclamation Problem with Graphics Driver

    Hey Everyone, I am in huge trouble...

    I installed the wrong graphics driver for my IBM R51 hoping Unity to work. But now my computer is not even starting.
    On the boot screen it gets stuck on "Checking Battery State".

    Is there any way I can uninstall this driver?
    The driver is: Poulsbo and I installed from this webpage:

    I need to get my computer back to working as soon as possible...

    Please Help... Thanks...

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    Re: Problem with Graphics Driver

    This is as much a bump as advice. Can you go back to a previous kernal or use the "safe graphics mode" if you can "sudo apt-get purge ...... " and then the "hardware drivers" may get you back where you were.

    I get the menu automatically in 10.04 and just realised that in 10.10 one has to do the following to get there.

    Press Left Shift Key after BIOS check and choose Recoverery mode from the menu.
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    Re: Problem with Graphics Driver

    hey houseworkshy thanks a lot...
    i was successful in uninstalling that driver.

    But there's one thing, I am still experiencing the problem?
    What should I do?
    When the laptop starts, it displays a blue screen with black stripes in it. And then it loads with the terminal login. And then i pressed Ctrl+Alt+F7 to go to the visual mode. But then again it hung on "Checking Battery State"

    What could be the reason?

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