I have searched other threads for similar issues but none seem to apply to my specific issue. If any mods feels this should be done as a post under another thread or another sub category then please move.

I have a HP Pavillion DV6 laptop with dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10 - the Maverick Meerkat. I installed Ubuntu for the first time last week but today I began to suffer problems with my keyboard and wireless mouse after the screen lock.

When the screen locks and I sign back in my wireless mouse no longer works, though the mouse pad on the laptop does. The wireless keyboard and laptop keyboard do not work either (except ctrl-alt-del, no other keys seem to work when typing in to any text editor/browser). This only started today, and the only way to solve it is to restart the machine.

Another curious thing is that I can not open the Applications/Places/System menus from the desktop, which is run using Nautilus?. I select them with the cursor and they do not open. The mouse click does work however as within the browser I can open new tabs.

So far I have only experienced the freezing with the screen lock. I have not installed any new apps or updates today, so I am not sure if anything has changed.

I am very new to Ubuntu after only ever developing on Windows, so my trouble shooting knowledge has been exhausted pretty quickly.

If anyone can help me then I would really appreciate it.