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Thread: Ipod in Banshee problems

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    Ipod in Banshee problems

    Ive been having problems with an Ipod in Banshee. Theres no problem with them seeing the Ipod, or with syncing. But when i try to sync movies, or videos in banshee it usually just shuts down. Or it just wont work. It sees the ipod and the music, but the videos just wont sync, and when it does it shows up as a 4 second song that wont even play. It wasnt the right filetype for the Ipod so i converted it to an Ipod format using Avidemux(GTK+). Is there a problem with the conversion for the ipod? Also when i look at the info for the ipod it says that all the stuff on it is videos when its music. And everything is under the videos tab and when you click to play it, it shows up as a blank video with the song you clicked on playing.


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    Re: Ipod in Banshee problems

    Same is happening to me but when syncing music with my iphone 3gs. Banshee suddenly shuts down. Haven't tried syncing videos, only music, and it doesn't happen all the times, but most of the times.
    The Banshee version I'm using is 2.0, the one that comes bundled in Ubuntu 11.04.

    Any work-around will be more than welcome

    Thanks in advance,

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