I have a server at godaddy on Red Hat Fedora Core 8 and I want to set up a home server for development and backups for the live server.

The server i bought for home use is set up for RAID usage. I want the server to mirror the harddrives so whatever i do on one is saved on the other too. There was a step in the setup where it asks to partition the drives It asks if I want to LVM the drives with or without encryption or just partition the whole thing.

Realistically the ultimate goal of my home server is to have 2 or 3 people working from their macs and code on the server so we can test how the live server would react without uploading it to the live server. We will use version tracker.

Anyone have any advice or instructions on how to install? And whether or not I have to buy the Red Hat license or according to info provided I should use the Fedora project version?