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Thread: Free vpnreactor setup with pptp

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    Free vpnreactor setup with pptp


    I read a post here and found the vpnreactor, but i found that the instruction given on the site is only for the paid service using openvpn as the connection type but for the free service one can only use pptp as the connection type.

    Pls can someone give me detailed instruction of how to set up with the pptp option,

    I have been sent a user name from vpnreactor and i have a password.

    After i setup the way i think it should be done, i get connection failed.

    I have already done the sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn.

    Thank you

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    Re: Free vpnreactor setup with pptp

    openvpn is something different from pptp, if that helps. :/

    VPN settings are the same for all, just the how-tos different.

    ( )

    pptp should just need a server name, username and password to work. :/

    Otherwise you may have to contact that company's support for help with their service offering...
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    Re: Free vpnreactor setup with pptp

    Thanks for the reply, but that still didnt work, thanks thou

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    Re: Free vpnreactor setup with pptp

    I just went through the pain of doing it. Its similar to the openvpn under ubuntu, but:
    click create vpn,
    then choose pptp as the connection type
    the gateway must be for the free accounts
    put in your user name and your password
    under advanced, choose "use point-to-point encryption (mppe)
    uncheck allow bsd data compression
    uncheck allow deflate data compression
    uncheck use tcp header compression

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    Re: Free vpnreactor setup with pptp

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