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Thread: Need Help! :D

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    Need Help! :D

    Hey there!!! Hi, this is my first post to ubuntu forums. I'm really lousy at computer so please help me out a bit

    Okay, so I have Windows XP running on an old computer. It's getting a little laggy because most new programs use so much power nowadays, plus I do not have much need for it anymore, so I thought of 'reviving' it with a new OS. I installed Jolicloud (it's a 'keep windows' installation so i can choose to boot XP or Joli on startup), and now my hard disk is left with 46.2GB out of 76.6 GB free.

    Well, now I want to try out Ubuntu but i don't think i want to use the space on the windows hard disk. I do not have anymore internal hard disks, but i have a Seagate external hard drive with about 360GB? It is powered seperately from a power point so it should be able to boot ubuntu. The thing is, i want it to install like Jolicloud, whereby i will have a choice to boot 3 OSes on startup. I know jolicloud is more of the install as a windows application thing, similar to WUBI installer. But i don't think such an installation is possible if i do it on an external hard drive. Anyway, can anybody help write out a set of instructions to teach me how to install AND uninstall Ubuntu on an external hard drive and have it as an option to boot on startup? By the way, i did some researching and i realised that it's possible to change settings to allow the computer to always boot from usb first right? My External Hard Drive has a power button, so maybe i could just change the settings, then if i wanted to boot ubuntu, i would on the hard drive before start up, or if i wanted to boot windows or jolicloud, i would off the hard drive. This is also possible right?

    Secondly, this is a question related to Jolicloud. I hope asking for help on other OSes is not restricted in the Ubuntu forums... If so, then please just ignore this Jolicloud portion. I need help with enabling my wifi usb stick: Netgear WG111T. There are no drivers for it in Jolicloud and Jolicloud is kinda a mix of Ubuntu (so my wifi won't work in ubuntu also) and Chrome so I hope i can get some help here. I've searched around and i did this. I downloaded the files i supposedly needed off this Ubuntu forum thread . Then I installed ndisgtk through terminal using this command: sudo apt-get install ndisgtk . Apparently the jolicloud repository or something has this program in it so it can be installed with a simple command. After that i extracted what was in the driver zipped folder, then i went to the application folder, opened Windows Wireless Drivers application, and added netwg11t.inf to the drivers list. After that i plugged in the usb stick and restarted the program and it says hardware detected. But the stick does not do anything and doesn't search for access points around me. I have no idea what to do.... Please help I have to do this in Ubuntu again after i install Ubuntu.

    Thanks for the help in advanced! Forgive me if i posted in wrong forum or broke any rules or anything lols.

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    Re: Need Help! :D

    >put disk into computer with Hard drive connected
    >boot from CD (automatic)
    >click install
    >follow instructions
    >when you get to Hard Disks or where to install, there should be a small drop down menu. use the external HDD.
    >let it install
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    Re: Need Help! :D

    So what happens next, how would it boot?


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