I finally got round to upgrading my netbook to 10.10 and I have to say I'm fairly unimpressed by the Unity desktop.

First up, it feels kinda clunky, you have to wait for menus to load and I can't honestly see any advantage to the way it does things. It turns what could be a very small laptop into an appliancey consumer device and to me that just ruins a netbook.

Second, screen real estate, what a waste. Unity takes up a lot of space with that silly sidepane on the left and surely on a netbook you want to maximise your use of all available space? You could get rid of everything in the unity desktop and just provide a basic dock such as AWN or docky to act as the gnome-panel usually would or hell, just use a single gnome-panel at the top of the screen.

I know it's only two issues but they're annoying enough to make me use the normal gnome-session (oh yeah, in the netbook edition I had to manually install gnome-compiz and the various compiz fusion plugins just to get compositing working with desktop effects. WTF).

Finally, and as far as I know this occurs in the normal desktop edition as well, you can't disable bluetooth via the panel without killing your wireless simultaneously. I've tested this on my netbook and my main machine (AMD64 box) and it occurs on both of them. Seriously annoying.

OK rant over