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Thread: good free vertualization clients

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    good free vertualization clients

    I have been using VMware player to run ubuntu within windows 7 but have found that it leaves requires many processes be run even when i am not using ubuntu. I an wondering if there are any EASY clients that leave less of a footprint. I used vmware initially because, other than vmware tools, it required no modification to run ubuntu, unlike virtual box which required many lines of code. Since this is my first adventure into the land of linux i would rather not have to deal with terminal. Also any tutorials on how to use these clients with ubuntu (or linux mint) would be helpful.

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    Re: good free vertualization clients

    I'm not sure where you are getting the "requires many lines of code" to get VirtualBox to work with a guest. The only thing you'd need to install on the guest would be the guest additions.

    I've got VirtualBox installed on a Win7 system and there is nothing related to VirtualBox running. If you have a VM running, it'll allocate some resources of the host for the guest.
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