Okay guys. I started using Ubuntu around a year ago, when Lucid Lynx was released. At first, when I started using Ubuntu, I didn't really pay it much attention and kept switching back to Windows.

I had installed it inside Windows and upon dual-booting, I would select Ubuntu and boot into it. Then, when I tried to play any song, the sound wouldn't come. At that time, I thought that this would be a bug as it was still in alpha stage. I then abandoned Ubuntu all together.

A few months later when the final version was released, I downloaded the iso and again installed it under Windows. This time I stuck to Ubuntu and the only downside was that I still didn't have any sound. This time I searched around and tried doing what the other people had suggested but to no avail. Then, the Maverick Meerkat came out and I downloaded the iso for that and upgraded and tried playing a song and this time it worked! I was elated. But today, I tried booting Windows and it gave some fatal error **** and I had to reinstall Ubuntu again. But I didn't have the 10.10 disk, so I installed 10.04 as my primary OS thinking this time at least it would work. Well it didn't. Same problem. I've unmuted my speakers, checked the sound card and even installed ALSA but still, no sound. Please help me guys.

I use Ubuntu for music production and I find Ubuntu very interesting. So if any of you guys could help me, I would appreciate it.