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Thread: Transfering Files via TeamViewer

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    Transfering Files via TeamViewer

    Hey Guys,

    So, I have a computer at home that I want to have access to from work. I also want to give my parents and brother access to it as well. They will be using Windows Vista and 7. Anyway, for my parents it is easier to use TeamViewer than anything else, that and my ISP doesn't allow me to run a server.

    So, my problem is I know I need to have windows running TeamViewer as Admin, but when I tried to send a file to my mothers computer, simple empty .txt, it wouldn't let me. Said I did not have permissions. Well, you can't run TeamViewer in Sudo so I have no idea what to do.



    ---Problem was Windows 7 needed to be ran as admin before I could send the files. ---
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