I recently purchased a Dell ultrabook XPS 13 with Ubuntu 12.04 installed. I really like this ultra but I am having problems getting used to its quirkyness.

There are no RJ45 connectors since this is a thin ultrabook. So I have to use one of the USB 3 ports for ethernet. I have a 100BASE-T USB2-to-ethernet that works OK, but I want to have a 1G connection. So I purchased a USB3-to-ethernet connector (brand is StatTech) but apparently Ubuntu 12.04 does not have drivers for it.

Is there a particular USB3-to-ethernet that will support 1G that this Dell Ultrabook Ubuntu has a driver for?

Also, is there a USB3-to-serial adaptor for this Ultrabook? I need to connect to Cisco routers via the console port so I need a serial port.