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Thread: Converting wav/cue to mp3 from terminal

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    Converting wav/cue to mp3 from terminal

    Hi there,

    So I was just wondering, how can I convert my big wav files with cue sheets to seperate, portable 128kbps mp3 files?

    I bought my music fair and square and copied every disc onto my data hard disk with Exact Audio Copy. It rips my discs into one these big wav files per album and generates cue sheets with it which contains the information about every separate track within every wav file. But since I also would also like to listen to my music on my MP3 player, I want to be able to convert these big wav files into seperate mp3 files.

    Since all my music resides on my Ubuntu server I would like to do this from inside a terminal, but since I don't know how I thought, maybe, one of you guys has a brilliant idea.
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