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Thread: Memtest address vs. BadRAM address

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    Re: Memtest address vs. BadRAM address

    I managed to get this all working rather, err, accidentally.

    It seems memtest still doesn't show addresses properly in BadMem error reporting mode. That is, unless you mash the keyboard in frustration! There may be documented somewhere "Press x to display address" or something, but not that I saw.

    Anyhoo, random mash of the keys (I think in the Arrows area) caused the badmem line to show up, copied it down, plonked it into /etc/defaults/grub and all is well.

    I'm rather stretched for time at the mo, so I can't go poking around to see if it's a bug (and/or repeatable) unfortunately.

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    Re: Memtest address vs. BadRAM address

    Interesting. I assume you mean BADRAM. If you can recall anything else about just when in the sequence you pressed the random keys, like if you had just booted memtest or had you already started pressing some keys in the "menu" it might be helpful. I'll try some pressing some keys in the arrow vicinity next time.

    I'm still interested to know if anyone knows any reason one of these methods is to be prefered over another. The way it seems to me from reading some archived discussions is that the BADRAM function was redundant with less well known functions the kernel already had before kernel 3 but that it got incorporated anyway as an alternate syntax because a lot more people were familiar with it but that is half a guess.

    And even more I'd love to know of some way to test the function of these statements to confirm that they are doing what I think they are doing.

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