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Thread: Need assistance with Designjet 5000 printer installation.

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    Question Need assistance with Designjet 5000 printer installation.

    I am pretty new to Ubuntu 10.10 and have been unable to successfully print to a HP Designjet 5000 42inch non Postscript printer that uses hpgl/2. I have installed other types of printers with no problem but this one has me beat so far. I will primarily want to print banners from Inkscape that will average 3 x 12 feet in size, and at least 150 dpi, so will need to be able to define custom size sheets. Currently I develop a project in Inkscape then print to file as a pdf, open the pdf from a windows xp machine on the same network with Adobe Reader and print to the Designjet from Adobe. This worked fine until I upgraded Adobe Reader to 10.01, it won't print very large files to the Designjet, iether. It would be very nice if I could print directly from Inkscape in Ubuntu to the Designjet printer. I do not print from Inkscape in Windows XP because the large files put both the program and operation system into a permanent non responsive state if they do not crash outright. Any assistance or direction that pointed me towards a solution would be greatly appreciated. I am able to print large files on the XP machine from Corel Draw 12 with no problem, but have not been able to get Corel Draw to accept any of the svg files that Inkscape produces.

    Thank You.

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    Re: Need assistance with Designjet 5000 printer installation.

    you haven't mention anything about drivers. so maybe you need printer driver. i went to HP

    and they do not offer linux support for the 5000 series. so i would suggest looking here for third party drivers

    good luck

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