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Thread: Help with a tx2-1224ca tablet

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    Question Help with a tx2-1224ca tablet

    Hi all,

    So I just installed Ubuntu 10.10 and I'm looking to get some of the basic touch, and multi-touch, features working.

    Out of the box I have the one touch/click working.

    The pen however, seems to initiate long before it touches the screen; it also only act as a left "click and hold". Once initiated it refuses to release and locks out the left mouse button until I hit Esc, or some other key.

    And Finally, I think I've noticed a few ghost clicks. I know this a common issue for the make but it was recently fixed over in Win 7, I'm hoping its a similar case with Ubuntu (fingers crossed)..

    I literally just popped my Linux cherry 24hrs ago so any/all help is appreciated. And the simpler, and more step-by-step, the better


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    Re: Help with a tx2-1224ca tablet

    Hi touchy,

    Welcome to Ubuntu forums!

    The pen issue may be a little glitch with the hid-ntrig.ko kernel driver/module in Maverick. Although if that is it single finger touch shouldn't be working.

    You may need to update your firmware. Hopefully you still have Windows installed. See near the top of the N-trig HOW TO. And also read the Maverick sections for multitouch. Don't worry, they're short.

    The ghost click issue has been addressed in linux. Near the top of the HOW TO, Rafi's calibration program. Also just discussed again on the last page of the HOW TO thread. Post there if you have more questions.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Help with a tx2-1224ca tablet

    Thanks Favux, I'll start there.

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